Telecom SLA Based Services

We enable network deployment services effectively and cost efficiently for all types of mobile communication services. We are involved with installation and commissioning of active and passive infrastructure, supported by proven processes and excellence in operations. We carry out audits at regular intervals and address non-compliance with urgent attention. Our services Telecom SLA Based Services also include many features.

Our Features

SLA Based Services also include following features

Network Deployment

Core and packet network integration. Integration of VAS elements. Installation and commissioning of SDH and PDH links.

RF planning and optimization

Network and cluster optimization. RF Drive test. RF management and identification of RF restricted areas.

Operations and Maintenance

Monitoring all active and passive network elements. Alarm monitoring and fault management. Configuration management and performance tracking. Field maintenance. Preventative and corrective maintenance. Quality control and logistics support.

Site audits and QA process

Narrowband and broadband test. Hardware audit and performance audit. Benchmarking services. Process and practice audit. Site quality audit.