Telecom Integration and Radio Frequency Services

Telecommunication providers enable digital technologies for customers as well as end users. The telecom industry is extremely competitive and fast paced. There is no scope of failures, any glitch that occurs need to be resolved promptly. Telecom towers are dispersed PAN India, its maintenance and safety are critical aspect of the industry for smooth functioning. For quick resolution of issues and maintenance telecom sector requires trained manpower at all levels, in high numbers, in a limited time frame and at dispersed locations.
Here enters Evolve Technologies in frame. Matching the pace of Telecom, we serve them to their satisfaction. We have a core technical team possessing prime skills in Consulting, Recruitment, Solution engineers and Project Management. We possess proven expertise in managing end-to-end IT Operations for Telecom Service Providers with certified competence levels in Core Networking, Storage and Security.
Our comprehensive Professional Services Suite covers BTS installation & configuration, Radiation level audit and certification as per ICNRIP / TEC standards, NGN configuration, Packet Core implementation and Data centre integration / Multi vendor product integration and telecom integration/radio frequency services TIRF.