Indian Telecom Overview

The telecom industry in India is growing by leaps and bounds. India has nearly 200 million telephone lines making it the third largest network in the world after China and the USA. Indian Telecom Growth Rate of 45% is the highest growth rate in the world.
India is currently the world’s second-largest telecommunications market with a subscriber base of 1.20 billion. This will contribute substantially to India’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP), according to a report prepared by the GSM Association (GSMA) in collaboration with the Boston Consulting Group (BCG).
The liberal and reformist policies of the Government of India, along with the strong consumer demand is leading to rapid growth in the Indian telecom sector. The government has permitted easy market access to telecom equipment and hands-on network that has ensured availability of telecom services to consumers at affordable prices. The deregulation of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) standards has made the sector one of the fastest growing and a top five employment opportunity generator in the country. The government has accelerated reforms in the telecom sector and continues to be active in providing support for growth of telecom companies.
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