In today’s smartphone generation we rely heavily on our phone networks and WiFi connections for all our communication, work related and social needs and the telecom industry aids as the backbone to the requirements. Furthermore, with the advent of 4G and 5G connectivity,India ranks second in terms of telecom and internet subscriptions globally (according to India Brand Equity Foundation). This rapid and exponential growth of the industry translates to subsequent increase in career opportunities in terms of research and development, installation & technical support and sales & marketing. Evolve is an exclusive Telecom staffing and support business that proliferates the TeamLease vision of Putting India to Work.

Evolve – Fuelling & Propelling Telecom with manpower & resources

Evolve was established in 1991 to cater the rising staffing requirements of Telecom Sector. It became a TeamLease entity in 2017 and has since continued to spare no efforts to be the market leaders. Evolve has contributed significantly in 3G and 4G rollout by fuelling and propelling telecommunication sector. It is the one stop solution for all Telecom staffing and support services. The key to its success has been the outstanding fulfilment rate in deploying resources, ensuring quality of deliverables and being 100 % compliant. For the last 20 years Evolve has been carrying out business efficaciously PAN India, holding around 20 clients from Telecom including Operators and OEM-Original Equipment Manufacturers, generating 174cr/p.a revenue and deploying 4500+ Associates

Telecom industry vision and roadmap for evolve

Mr.Arun Jethi

VP & Business Head

39.01 lac people were employed by Telecommunication sector as of HY-2, 2018-19. The estimate of job creation HY-1, 2019-20 is 33,100. The recent analysis showcase the number of operators operating in India reduced from 10 to 4 which will lead to reduced employment rate in telecom sector. The recent demand is mainly for highly specialized skills in the junior to mid-level hierarchy in the 2-5 years skill set. The 5G spectrum bidding is expected in September followed by the roll-out and launch by April 2019. Stepping to 5G will not only improve the connectivity and thenetwork but will also kick in the demand for new technology and skill sets. The mobile data traffic alone is projected to grow four-fold in this time frame. 

To address this growth, Evolve is currently gearing and pepped up simultaneously, to facilitate the massive deployment of resources (manpower, infrastructure etc) opportunities arising due to the 5G rollout which will be the next industry driver. This will necessarily include training & up skill programs for prospect employees and our internal
core resources including recruiters. Evolve is getting business ready by setting up processes, understanding the likely market scenario and translating these opportunities into viable and commercially business win’s.